ForenCity allows you to create a virtual adventure world within the real world.

Real-World GPS Locations

Build virtual scenes at real-world GPS locations for your players to explore.


Create intriguing and dynamic characters to fill your virtual world.

Dialogue Scripting

Allow players to converse with your characters using a fully customizable dialogue scripting engine.


Your players can collect and use virtual inventory items to examine, use in different locations, or give to your characters.

No App Required

Works on all modern smart devices and computers without the need to install an app.

About ForenCity

ForenCity started as an experiment to teach university students practical digital forensics techniques. The original problem-based adventure game took the form of a web-based scavenger hunt in which students needed to work with digital evidence while applying their computer forensic knowledge in order to unlock the next stage of the game.

Inspired by the Sierra (King's Quest & Space Quest) and Lucasfilm Games (Monkey Island & Loom) game engines, ForenCity grew into a fully fledged engine of its own. These engines (AGI, SCUMM, and AGS) use locations, characters, items, dialogue, and a custom basic scripting as building blocks to create an adventure. For ForenCity, we took the idea of building blocks to create our adventures. Each adventure is broken up into a number of scenes, each with their own description, characters and items. Individual players traverse from scene to scene to complete their adventure.

A game creator can create several scenes using the ForenCity Maker. Each scene will contain a basic description as well as requirements.

The player can now load the ForenCity Game Client by entering the ForenCity URL for the specific adventure, log in and play!

Published research regarding ForenCity can be found on SpringerLink.

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